Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Okay.. I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks but it's finally nearing the end of the term and I'll get some more free time. It's that time of the year when end of year parties fill our weekends and everyday is jam packed
...and with this segue let me tell you about my first ever jam making experience. Since I'm currently endeavoring to be a jack of all trades, or in my case, jill, I thought I'd give homemade jam a go. My decision was also decided by the fact mum has buckets overflowing with apricots and gave me a whole lot more than I can possibly eat at once.  We all know I just love home grown food!
Being a newbie jam maker I sought the net for recipes and found this one which worked out fabulously. It's very detailed which is good for an amateur like me.

I wasn't sure how small to cut the apricots so I just cut them into quarters. Also I might have gotten a little excited about making the jam and forgot to check out how much sugar we had left so I ended up using raw, white and brown sugar to make the required amount... they're all on my shopping list now. However the jam still tastes mighty good so I really don't think it matters what kind of sugar you use. 
I had these cute little mason jars that mum gifted me for my birthday last year so I put them to use and half the recipe made enough jam for 3 containers and two slices of toast for husband and I. Jam is just the best when it's warm and straight from the stove to toast.

I am thinking of raiding mum's apricot tree again and making some more as gifts for people- since this batch turned out great and I think homemade any is just the best. Incase you're interested the label is from a sticker book found here, which is filled with beautiful labels that I use all the time.

Also in other exciting news...(well probably only for me) but my little vegie patch is finally bearing some produce. It's turned out a bit funny though the tomato bush is like the smallest bush ever and the tomato is getting the be almost the same size as the bush? I have no idea how this happened but I'm happy as long as I'm growing tomatoes!
Lisa x


  1. I love how you packaged the jam! So cute. I love jam; homemade is even better.

  2. Thank you! Everything's better when it's packaged nicely :)
    L x

  3. stopping by the hop! I am now a new follower :) i love thrifty blogs!

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