Hi, I'm Lisa and this is my blog about crafts, thrifting and decorating our home.

I started this blog as a creative outlet when I lived in a small country town in outback Australia. Although I have found it challenging living in the outback, it has taught me to truly value the family and friends I do have and given me the chance to develop some new hobbies. I have had to rely on my faith in God and, the confidence I have that this is where He wants me to be, to encourage me to remain positive and excited about wherever I'm living.

This blog started as a year long project and one for one year I only shopped  at thrift shops and garage sales, with a few exceptions:
1. If I need certain things and cannot buy them hygenically from thrift shops I can buy them from stores.
2. I might find amazing things for friends at op shops but I am determined to buy cute handmade gifts for others like from etsy and other places for birthdays etc. I have some skills but there are some amazingly crafty people selling their products online.
Now this challenge is over but my blog lives on and I'm still always out thrifting and looking for things I can upcycle and breath new life into

I now live in a city and my husband and I are currently in the process of renovating our house on a very small budget. We have a small fluffy white dog and a baby son. I am loving making lots of things for him and finding treasures for his nursery and playroom.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet and having a look around. Please feel free to leave a comment and I'd love to have you follow my adventures or send me an email.
Lisa x


  1. I think your challenge is a really exciting idea and will be rewarding too. I will be following along!

  2. LISA. I love your blog! I told Samara that I was really enjoying this blog and she's like...did you know that's Lisa? haha keep up the great work!

    I've got my little blog happening too over at


  3. You are a brave brave girl! Not just for moving to the big new unknown, but also for committing to shopping mainly secondhand. I love thrifting and second hand stores with a passion, but when you need something quite urgently it can be a bit of wait built in before it turns up in a shop and is still there when you go in... so a huge thumbs-up to you! :)

    I resonate with what you say about settling in and finding your feet in a totally new environment, no friends, no comforting familiarity and lots of challenges... I've very recently moved to Finland with my partner, and even though I'm European, it's quite a different culture and the language is on the 'little bit difficult' side. Sometimes the process feels easier, sometimes it's quite tough and takes a lot of faith and trusting. But at the end of the day, I love new situations, challeneges and discovering so it's all good really :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on one of my posts on my little blog! Hope to see you around again :)

  4. yay! I'm your newest follower! isn't it funny how God does things in our life that requires us relying on Him more. Good for you for hanging in there and relying on him! found ya from the GFC hop!

  5. Hi Lisa, It was so wonderful to get your comment on my blog about living in the same area. I actually got rather excited! We are headed over on the 28th January and Tim (my husband) will be the Parish Pastor at the Lutheran church. I'm on a small laptop and for some reason it's not letting me access your email so when I get back to Adelaide (we're visiting family in QLD at the moment) I'll email and get the low down :)
    xxx Happy New Year

    1. Wonderful! We are linked in with the churches in our town and would love to share our local knowledge.
      L x