Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cameo earrings.

A cameo wood carving Grandpa made us earlier this year for our bed. Isn't he incredible? The L and P are for our names and the S is for our surname. This cameo is actually the same as the one we used on our wedding invitations 3 years ago.
I think cameos are just gorgeous. In fact I have a whole collection started when my great gran gave me a little necklace with a cameo for a birthday.Now I'm always on the lookout for more...what's a collection if you don't keep adding to it? I found these lovely cameo beads at a market about 4 years ago and finally got around to turning them into something I can actually use. This idea works with any pretty beads or bits and pieces you have lying around.

You need:
2 beads you love (like my pretty cameo ones)
A glue gun
A set of studs

How to:
This is super easy. 
Just warm up your glue gun and attach the beads to the studs. 
Then wait until the glue is hard and set and put them on!

Me sporting my lovely new cameo earrings.

I'm just pleased I can now wear my pretty cameo beads and everyone can see me in all my cameo obsessed goodness!

Lisa x


  1. You are amazing. They are gorgeous. Your grandpa is so clever! What a beautiful thing to create for your grandchild. I know where you get your creativeness from :)

    1. I know, my Grandpa is incredible at woodwork- I'm very thankful for my creative genes :)I have the most beautiful dolls house and rocking horse from him too but I've left that at mum's for now.

  2. What a beautiful gift, your Grandpa is so talented!
    Faye x