Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Why be thrifty? Two months down.

Husband and I both work full time and are financially stable. Something I have been thinking about lately is the concept of why I should be thrifty and what to do with the abundance of possessions I already have.
Being thrifty is about more than saving money. It's about avoiding waste and appreciating what you have.
I've been really enjoying this blog lately called the year of less which is a blog about a large family who are decreasing their possessions and learning to appreciate all that is around them. God has blessed me with so much, especially when I compare my life to those who I have seen and met in places like Rwanda, Tanzania, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. I have been so fortunate to travel to lots of less affluent countries and really be reminded what this life is about. 
I still plan on thrifting but I'm also endeavoring to radically declutter my possessions and live confidently in the knowledge that all I need will be provided for. Thrift shops can still provide me with unique useful items and replace some of my necessity items with prettier versions.
As I've been spring cleaning I've been thinking about whether each item in my home is either:
useful or beautiful
Then with the useful items I've been trying to work out if I can make them beautiful.
Here's an example:
I had a plain  brown boring frame in the shed so I simply jazzed them up a bit with blue spray paint and turned it into a cute little to do list by framing some lined paper. I then used a dry erase maker to list off all the things I really need to get onto doing today.

I've also been getting busy turning my old jars and cans into little useful beauties but I'll share more later.

As you can see right now I've got a big list to get working on!
Lisa x


  1. I can't wait to visit your house over summer to see how much it's changed :)

    1. I can't wait either, I would imagine you would find it very different as I think I've changed it up a lot. xx

  2. Love that idea!


  3. Love it!!

    Newest follower via the hop!!

    Have a great day!

  4. there are a lot of DIYs involved. You go girl, and we can't wait to see how it goes!!

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