Friday, 10 August 2012

home peek.

I thought it was time to get a little more personal on this blog. This is a photo of our little home in the country. It's old and beautiful and the perfect space to mold into our own- for as long as we decided to stay and be 'country folk'. Our home is very much our space and constantly evolving as I find more garage sale goodies and get more creative and confident at showing my own personal style- thankfully I have a husband who let's me do what I like with our place and only demand is a good tv.

When husband and I first got married we lived in a tiny two bedroom unit. It had a long stairway going down the middle which lead directly to the footpath. On a few occasions I'd walk out my front door and literally crash into people. We were content in our little space; the location was excellent and I was still riding on the euphoria of going from my tiny bedroom in my parent's home to a whole tiny unit. Then husband took a job in the country and we decided to commit to our move for at least three years and buy a house. It was so exciting to have our own completely blank canvas to work with.  The house is white and has many beautiful details, like pressed tin ceilings and wood paneling. It has been so much fun developing my own personal style in the last few years. I've tried to follow the quote "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."William Morris and keep my home as decluttered as possible.

Our home is constantly evolving. I am still learning how to style spaces and am currently working on the strategy of finding things I love and working out how they can fit together. Every new garage sale and craft project sees our space change and I am delighted to discover that I can have a home I truly love, without spending a fortune on furniture and decorating. In fact to date we have only bought a coffee table, couch and bed set from stores. Ever other piece of furniture in our home has been thrifted. And that makes it even more special too. It also makes me appreciate the great provision in my life and be thankful that I am always provided with what I need and more. Before we got married and left our family homes, the only household items we owned were 1 bed + linen, 1 cane chair, 1 chest of drawers, 1 filling cabinets and 2 mugs yet all our needs were provided for and I continue to be amazed by how blessed I am, here in my small country town, to find so many amazing second hand things and have such a lot of space to work with!

So here's some pictures- just a small glimpse at inside our home. I will share more about different rooms and how they evolving, solely with things found at thrift shops/garage sales, at a later date.

Details: kitchen mantel, dining room, floor rug, bedroom.

Lisa x


  1. Your home is completely gorgeous! I'd love to live in something like that one day. :)

  2. Your house looks so lovely!

  3. Your bedroom....'gasp' took my breath away! I love it!

    We are just looking for a space of our own - I'm so looking forward to have a little flat to furnish.

    I've heard that William Morris quote before but I seem to forget about it - thanks for the reminder, it's a good measure to live by!

    1. Thanks! It took a while to work out what to do with the bedroom but we just love the four poster bed and fairy lights. I hope you find the perfect little flat to make your own:)