Thursday, 30 August 2012

Six smiles.

Husband and I went for a relaxing weekend away last weekend. It was a wonderful chance to de-stress and enjoy each others company, while staying this gorgeous old church that had been transformed into a b&b. I came back feeling super inspired and ready to tackle some new projects.

My shed is now full of started projects, which I will share soon. For now here are some pinterest finds that are making me feel mighty inspired. I'm super keen to try each one of these and will show you how they turn out.Pinterest is an amazing place to go to collect great ideas and feel inspired. This is especially important for me as I live in such a small town that I don't really see that much daily creative inspiration and  the net provides all the inspiring ideas I need and more! You are welcome to follow me on pinterest to see more ideas I love.
Here are six DIYs that make me smile and can't wait to try out:

make frames into magnets
turn an old cookie sheet into a cute magnet board.
get creative in the laundry with some signs
turn a window pane into a gorgeous display using pretty fabric
create a print on white material using crayons and sandpaper
turn old teacups into pretty candles
 Happy dreaming and creating!
Lisa x


  1. I have this crazy weird idea that I'd love to renovate a church and live there- I love the high ceilings... as for tea cups- I have a couple that I just put 'melts' in which means it melts into the cup and creates a pretty glow. I looked at buying candle chips and they were just so expensive (from spotlight)

    1. I'd love to renovate an old church too! I have some candle chips I picked up a few years ago, otherwise I'd probably not be so keen to make the teacup candles. High ceilings always get me too, I think that's why I live in the house I do. x

  2. That old church looks delightful! I'm with Samara- it would be a dream home.

    Loved the pins, too. Glad I'm not the only one who is obsessed with Pinterest!

    1. hehe, it's very hard not to be obsessed with pinterest- so many good ideas in one spot!

  3. Thanks for visiting my site! I have just been browsing around some of your recent posts and have to say I love your decorating style! Where was that cute church/b&b located?

    1. Thanks for your comment! The b&b is located in South Australia, app 2 hours from Adelaide in a cute town full of wineries and restaurants, called Clare.