Thursday, 2 August 2012

my own creative wall.

 I've always love homes where I can spend my time looking at the walls. The walls tell about the personality of the owners and can create interesting conversation. Husband gifted me the beautiful coffee table book- Creative Walls by Geraldine James for my last birthday and it's inspired me to set up some displays in my house.
Our house is like a giant blank canvas with white walls and very high ceilings ( see above picture and this is after I've added my first display). It provides me with endless spaces to fill. I've been collecting frames of similar colours for a while from garage sales and op shops and decided to create a little wall display in our dining room using aqua and gold frames.

(all frames and the vintage girl picture (except the graduation picture and Grandpa picture) from op shops/garage sales. Prints were a presents and the giraffe changing to the Eiffel tower is a postcard a friend sent from France.)

I love having my own  wall of pictures to look at. I just need to thrift about 50 more gold/aqua frames before I can actually create an entire wall of pictures - though I'm not complaining, I love my giant walls.
Lisa x


  1. I actually adore picture walls too. We have a few of them. They take work organizing, though, don't they? I really like yours. It is nicely balanced. Love the vintage girl!

  2. I love your pictures, especially the one with the girl and her little toy dog! I recently did a post about my picture wall too: :)
    Faye x