Monday, 30 July 2012

A garage sale fit for a dog.

I'm always on the lookout at garage sales for things for my little dog. She's already got a a suitcase bed but I found a few other things too.

At a recent garage sale there was a freebie box. The above sign was sitting in there, a scary dog with an underbite. I couldn't help but grab it since I've got such a scary guard dog with an underbite at home :)  All I need to do now is work out where to put the sign.

In the freebie box there was also a whole bunch of leads and collars. Maisy already has one but I grabbed a few more - now I can coordinate Maisy's lead with my outfit. Lol, I am just too cool.
So here I leave you, a post from someone whose a little bit too dog obsessed :)
Lisa x


  1. Lol, I would have grabbed it too.

  2. Lucky finds! Collars seem to wear out quickly around here, so extras are good! The sign is cute.