Sunday, 29 July 2012

Light it up.

I seem to have been getting lucky lately with finding colourful lamps while thrifting. I've wanted a yellow lamp for ages and at a recent garage sale found this cute one for $1. I love the colour and in the spirit of creating a very cheerful and bright guest rooms, I also picked up this little blue lamp at a different garage sale for $1.

It's always good to find cute lamps on garage sales but there's also much enjoyment in updated a tired old object. I had this old cream lamp shade lying around.There's nothing wrong with it but it doesn't really suit our home and I thought it might look interesting in the guest room (going with a yellow theme) and then the blue lamp would look great in the second guest room*.
*Husband and I live in a country town of 15000 app 3 hours from the city so when friends and family come to visit they always stay the night and so we need a few guest rooms.

I  had read about spray painting lampshades and thought I'd give it a try
It's looking great though I'm trying to work out whether to spray the inside too. I still need to fix up the base to match but I'm pretty pleased with how to shade looks now. When it's all done I'll share some snaps of our ever evolving main guest room.
Do you think I should do a plain yellow base or striped white and yellow?

As usual I'm linking up my thrifting finds with her library adventures and Apron thrift girl.

Happy thrifting!
Lisa x


  1. Hi Lisa, I think your $1 (TOTAL BARGAIN!!)lamp would look cool with a yellow and white stripey base, looking forward to seeing your finished guest room x

  2. Stripes, or what about a black base?

    1. I hadn't thought of that. A black striped base could look awesome.

  3. I like the idea of a black base... or a chevron black and white stripe. But that's me and my crazy pattern loving :)

    You could even do polka dot?

    1. great idea, ooo now I'm thinking chevron or polka dot.

  4. I've been looking for a yellow lamp as well. I love the cheery yellow of your lamp. Great find!