Monday, 3 September 2012

chalkboard platter.

Since I've started decluttering, I've been looking at objects I have and considering whether I can make them beautiful and exciting or whether they're better off finding a new home.
I had this white platter that was covered in brown flowers. It was a present when we moved to the country and while some may like it, it really wasn't my taste.
However with a few quick coats of paint it was transformed. 
I used a white paint first to cover the flowers and then two coats of chalkboard paint seems to have done the job.

   Isn't chalkboard paint amazing for upcycling things?
Lisa x


  1. I've got this on my to do list as I have some paint left over...but wasn't sure how it would go with food on chalk board you ever put 'wet' things on it (i.e. cake) or just stick to fruit?

    1. I only just finished it a few days ago so have just used it for fruit but i've seen projects where people use cheese etc. I think that would be fine. I think cake too would be okay- I'll test it out and get back to you :)

  2. This is so cute! I pinned something similar on Pinterest but, of course, have not gotten around to doing anything! Yours looks awesome!

  3. OH, I love chalkboard paint! It is so versatile and fun to use.

  4. That is brillian! love it and totally doing this!!

  5. This is a great idea! It is cute!

    anyways.. thanks for droppin by my blog. :)
    i followed you! ♥

  6. What a great idea!! I have so many items that I no longer know what to do with - I'll definitely have to try this!
    I'm thrilled to be your newest follower and would love it if you could return the follow if you get the chance and wish to :)

  7. I Love this! I've been eyeing this chalkboard paint idea for a while now, but never thought to cover dishes with it. What a great idea. :)
    Another addition to my to-do list!

  8. That is such a great idea, ive been meaning to get chalkboard paint for ages... still loving your blog, im de-cluttering myself these days so its been good inspiration :) x