Monday, 17 September 2012

The beginnings of an edible garden.

I  live on a large enough block in a country town. It was only a matter of time before I knew I had to get into growing some of my own food. 
There's nothing quite like fresh food straight from your yard. I'm currently blessed by having some friends who will trade an egg carton for a dozen eggs. I've got a constant supply of oranges for snacks and fresh juice. My neighbours always leave me spinach and parsley and there's a large quandong tree which hangs into my yard and provides plenty for pies and chutneys.

What's a quandong you say? See above...
It's a native Australia peach that tastes amazing when it's cooked into pies, chutneys or made into jam.
So I feel pretty blessed with homegrown food; eggs, oranges, parsley, spinach and quandongs.

However I've been feeling the urge to have a try growing a few of my own edible plants and have started the process. Here's how I've started:
Mum gifted me some basil and parsley plants and I planted some coriander seeds a friend gave me.

I've also planted some strawberry plants husband was gifted as a thank you gift from a patient.  I love the idea of using an old crate around a pot to make it look all that more charming. This wooden crate was thrifted from a garage sale.

I replanted the end of some store bought celery and according to pinterest it should regrow. Only time will tell :) It's started to regrow but I am still a little skeptical about how much it will grow.

I put the ends of store bought spring onions in water and they have already started to resprout. I have also planted some of  them and will see whether they grow more. I think old thrifted teapots make the cutest pots, all you need to do is drill some holes in the bottom for drainage and put a plate underneath * I forgot to replace the plate before taking the photo.

For now I'm just starting to green my thumb. I'll let you know how my mini crops go :) Do you have any tips that have worked for you to cultivate your own little edible patch?
Lisa x


  1. Love the gorgeous photo of the quandongs :) - I hope I get to try them when I come to visit you next!

  2. One of these days I would love to have a little garden. If not an entire garden than maybe a strawberry plant. :-) I like your idea of putting the pot in the crate.