Sunday, 9 September 2012

The evolution process: lounge room (work in progress).

 For my next room in the evolution process series, I thought I'd share the lounge room. This room is comfy and entertaining but still a work in progress.

Back in 2010 when we first moved into our lovely home we had this 'unique' large orange couch which was a hand me down from friends of husband's brother. It was comfortable enough but we didn't really like it. Basically all we had was one large white room and a big orange couch.

2011: We went in Harvey Normans and picked out this couch. It was very much husband's love and it's mighty comfy and seats lots. I probably would have chosen differently but I've got to give my man some say in our home :). A few of our previous orange accessories made the cut.

2012: The room has been accessorised and made our own. Gone are the orange days and the room is much more neutral. Some artwork chosen by husband on holidays to Rwanda and Vietnam made the walls and I was gifted with the beautiful rug for my 23rd birthday. You can also see my lovely little coffee table which was an updated $5 op shop find.

 My Dad built us a custom TV storage unit with some wood he had lying around and I turned some old jars into pretty picture displays.

My beloved freebie chair has now made it's way into the lounge room too but is still desperately crying out for a makeover- I'm just not sure what colours to go with. Finally you can see evidence of our attempts to stay fit and healthy by riding the exercise bike and using weights...attempts not successes :)
This room still needs quite a bit of work before I love it but it is a very pleasant room to hang out in  and there's no denying that our couch is amazingly comfy.
Lisa x


  1. That is one amazing couch! The neutral colours are such a nice fit for the room now.

    1. thanks! It is the type of couch you never want to get off.

  2. ha ha, how funny, I have also let Joel have influence over our lounge room, meaning we also have a couch that, while nice, would not have been my first pick. But when I make the poor guy sleep in a bed that has a lace quilt cover on, you've got to let a man regain his masculinity somehow, right? ha ha

    1. lol I agree, this is pretty much the only piece of furniture Phil has had much say in so I do need to let him show off his masculinity :)