Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Let us grow lettuce.

I must confess, I often ended up having frozen vegies and carrots with my tea as I'm constantly running out of lettuce for salads. Lettuce isn't expensive but it doesn't last that long and we eat it quite fast. Inspired by my first successes with growing my own edible garden (as now I have more parsley and spring onion than I need)  I've decided to take the obvious route and grow my own lettuce.
Tasty lettuce at my finger tips all the time! Perfect!
I thought I'd share a sure way to grow your own lettuce that has worked successfully for me.
You will need :
Lettuce seeds
Lots of water
Potting mix
An old wheely trolley ( I like the move my lettuce round)
A styrophone box ( I got it for free from my local supermarket- you just need to ask)

How to:
First place the styrophone box on an old wheely trolley and fill the styrophone box with some potting mix.
Soak water through the potting mix and wait a few hours.
Then plant the lettuce seeds in two rows.
Cover with newspaper.
Water daily and before you know it your lettuce will be growing and thriving.
Check out my lovely lettuce...

Mine will be ready to eat in about a week and then I'll be eating salad galore!

Lisa x

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