Thursday, 13 December 2012

Day 2/13: brown paper goodness

I think there is something special about a beautifully wrapped present. Here's a little story to show how much I 'love' wrapping paper- for my fifth birthday my grandpa built me a little clothesline to hang my dolls clothes on, but all I wanted was wrapping paper to hang on the line. I would spend hours neatly hanging my paper and all my aunty gifted me wrapping paper for my birthday... haha, I was a little bit of a 'special' child.
Anyway back to my current love of wrapping things: I always feel a bit hesitant to unwrap presents and mess up the prettiness but am very hopeful that something lovely will also be inside.
For as long as I can remember I've been wrapping presents with the nicest christmas paper I could find. This year I decided to stretch myself a little and wrap all my presents using brown paper and all the pretty ribbons, bows and bits and pieces that filled my craft box. I also went a bit crazy with christmas sticky tape and such.
Brown paper = my new wrapping paper love.
Have you got any tricks for wrapping presents nicely?
Lisa x


  1. What kind of brown paper did you use? I tried this last year but the paper i got did not turn out to be conducive to wrapping (it was too stiff.) But i love the loook!


    1. I used brown paper that came in a roll from big w. its by a company called oz wrap and called quality recycled kraft paper. I hope that helps.
      L x

  2. Your presents look adorable! Love it..