Thursday, 2 May 2013

Travel pillow.

I woke up feeling extremely motivated to get some projects out of the way and first up was a travel pillow. This project was started about 6 months ago but I finally got round to finishing it.
Why a large travel pillow you ask? I have a fabulous husband who does all the driving (whenever we go to the city) and I usually fall asleep for a large chunk of the three + hour drive. There is just something soothing about sitting in a car, staring at the scenery, that makes me want to sleep...not when I'm driving though of course! This pillow means no more sore neck and a comfortable place to rest my head during the drive.
Anyway back to the pillow. I choose to use gingham square fabric and also this little cherry fabric which I got from the local oppy. I stuffed the pillow using stuffing which came with the collection of craft supplies I inherited when my best friends mum moved house. The whole project was pretty easy for my novice sewing self.
To begin with I created a pattern using newspaper and left just over 2cms around the edge. I then pinned the fabric together and stiched round the edges twice using my sewing machine and leaving a hole for the stuffing. I stuffed the pillow and then used blanket stitch to close up the gap.
Goodbye stiff neck when driving :)

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  1. This is fabulous! =) Thanks for linking up at the Pinterest Power Party!