Monday, 16 July 2012

A teatowel pegbag.

My Grandma was clearing out her linen closet and stumbled across a lot of tea towels that she no longer wanted so I took them home with me to turn into cute peg bags. This is a super easy project and I made it without ever using a sewing machine before. I got this idea from the amazing book the crafty minx.
You will need:
bias binding (I used orange bias binding a friend had lying around).
a wire coathanger (op shops have heaps they are willing to give away for a small donation)
a pretty tea towel
a sewing machine with matching thread
a piece of dressmaker's chalk
an iron
dressmaker's scissors
How to:
1. Sew the bias binding to each end of the tea towel.
2. Iron the tea towel so the ends fold over and there is enough room for the wire coathanger.
3. Fold over.
4. Draw around the coathanger with chalk and then sew around the chalk and sew the bag together.
5. Give the edges a trim and resew around the bag so it doesn't come undone (otherwise you can use pinking shears if you don't want to sew twice).
6. Fold the bag the right way round, cut a very small hole for the coathanger.
7. Place in coathanger.
8. Fill with pegs and enjoy.
(for a much more detailed how to list check out the book.

I've already made 3 of these for friends and family but was thinking of making a few more for round the house- perhaps to put dirty clothes in or hold pyjamas.
What would you use them for?
Lisa x


  1. great pattern on that tea towel - not sure whether I would be tempted to make a cushion cover or just frame it as a print........

  2. Firstly, your Nan's tt is absolutely awesome - I totally love it! (and you say you got a lot! lucky you!)
    Secondly I admire your ability to actually make something (lovely btw) with them. I can't bring myself to touch mine. They sit in plastic crates and I take them out from time to time to look at them. So silly. I need to take a leaf from your book and do something with them.

    1. I agree, it's so hard to cut up pretty things, I'm still saving my favourite tt's for a special project.

  3. Good Morning, Lisa!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my saucer & butter pat wreath :)It's a fun project,much like what you've got going on over here! Love your Peg Bag from a towel, but that rake with wine glasses is FAB-U-LOUS!

    PS: Now following, I love your style!!

    Have a wonderful day!


  4. What a sweet idea and you get to keep your granmas tea towels!