Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Doily bunting.

I love being surrounded by beauty and am constantly reminded to have nothing in my house that I do not believe to be useful or find beautiful.
Old dollies are in abundant supply in our local op shops so for a few dollars I picked up a bag of them and turned them into some pretty bunting.
You will need:
A sewing machine (with white thread)
Bias binding(2m) ($2 from big w)
3 dollies you don't mind cutting up.
How to:
Cut the dollies in half.
Sew along the edge with white bias binding.
Hang and enjoy.
This is a super easy project , I made it on the day I learnt how to use the sewing machine. Bias binding is a bit fiddly but if your having trouble you can always buy thicker bunting from places like spotlight.
Have you had any success turning doilies into pretty things?
Lisa x


  1. your challenge sounds a lot like my life. I'm excited to keep reading.

  2. I LOVE BUNTING! Samarz is making some for our wedding...maybe I can keep an eye out for dollies in op shops! Great idea xo