Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A homemade chalkboard.

Earlier this year I had a garage sale with some friends to raise $ for the salvation army appeal and the Australian Tanzanian services foundation. It was also a chance to raid each others throw away possessions. My friend had an old frame which I thought would make the perfect chalkboard for our dining room.

How to:
I removed the glass and painted the frame white (2 coats).
Then I painted the board with primer, before giving it two coats of chalkboard paint ($20 from the local hardware store).
To finish it off I used pieces from a scrabble board (found on a garage sale $2) to create the word 'dinner'.
I used bluetac to attach the letters as then I can change the words if I need.

Chalkboards also make great presents like this one I with a friend for another friend's 30th (the frame was salvaged from the backyard and the plywood backing was from the inside of the seat of an old phone table.
We simply painted the plywood with paint and attached scrabble letters using a glue gun. Then attached it all together and added some wire to the back.
Have you got any good chalkboard ideas? 
Lisa x


  1. What a fun and creative project. Don't you just love repurposing worn out junk? Love the addition of the Scrabble letter. Very clever.

    1. thanks! yes, repurposing is so fun, It's so rewarding to create something new from something I already have.

  2. Hi, just found your blog and I just had to tell you how much I love the suitcase cup rack and this little blackboard idea.
    Aren't blogs just terrific for stirring up some creative juices!
    Look forward to following you in the future.
    Emma (Oooh Betty!) x

    1. thanks for your kind comment :) yes, blogs are excellent for inspiring you to be creative(and work to a timeline so you actually have something to show!).