Thursday, 19 July 2012

Suitcase plate rack.

Well one of the halves of the larger suitcase it looking mighty cute now on my wall as a plate rack.
When my favourite handy man (aka Dad) was up for the weekend we decided to get a bit creative together. I had always wanted a pretty plate rack and we decided to dream big and turn half a suitcase into a plate rack.  * This project takes quite a lot of woodworking skills and I probably wouldn't have been able to create such a successful produce without dad's skills.
You need:
The top half of an old suitcase with pretty lining
Flat headed nails
Woodworking glue
A coping saw
How to:
Cut plywood to size using a coping saw ( we measured the size first using cardboard and then traced the cardboard outline onto the plywood)- you need to cut out enough to make one shelf and one piece to be the plate holder.
Attach shelves to inside of suitcase using woodworking glue and nails (flat headed nails) to keep it all in place. The shelves needs to be attached to the suitcase inside.
Create three circular pieces of wood using the coping saw to use as mounting blocks.
Attach suitcase to the wall using the three pieces of circular wood and large headed flat screws (you may need to use wall plugs if you're going into plasterboard.
Fill with some cute plates and cups.
Then sit back and stare and your very cute creation.

You never know what you'll end up with.
I love old suitcases but I just bought them on a whim and am so pleased with the end result.
Lisa x


  1. Wow awesome result and a great upcycle and feature for your wall.

  2. Cool idea and looks great in the passage way as a shelf.

  3. Cute shelves! I am excited about your year long process! I will be watching, and I'm putting you on "Blogs I Adore" at my blog.

    Good luck!!

  4. This is so good! I need some more shelves (dire lack of room in my house) so I may try this! XO.

  5. OH! Lisa, such a clever idea, love it!

  6. thanks for sharing.