Friday, 20 July 2012

A hot water bottle jumper.

On the same day my wheatbag got a huge hole and poured out all over my bed, I helped a friend move and found the perfect way to make a cute hot water bottle cover using her old throw away jumpers.
I was going to just make another wheatbag but I thought I'd give hot water bottles a go for a while since they seem to hold the heat for longer.
You will need:
2 old jumpers (or some leftover woolen material).
a sewing machine and thread
a sharpie
pinking shears
a hot water bottle

How to:
Draw a love heart shape using a sharpie.
Cut out the love heart using pinking shears. 
Trace the hot water bottle shape twice on the other jumper and cut it.
Sew the love heart to the right side of one of the hot water bottle shaped pieces using a zip stitch if possible. 
Then put the two right sides facing each other and sew them together. 
Trim any excess leftovers using pinking shears.
Then  turn it the right way round and put it on your hot water bottle for a pretty cover to hold. 
Now all I need to do is warm up some water, make up my hot water bottle and curl up with a good book to read.
Lisa x


  1. Hello! Hey, that's a cool idea, especially using the cuff as the neck of the hot water bottle x

  2. It looks so adorable the way you've lined the collar of the jumper up with the neck of the hot water bottle. Such a fantastic idea.