Saturday, 21 July 2012

A suitcase dog bed.

With the other half of the larger suitcase leftover I decided to turn it into a cute little bed for my dog, Maisy. This was very easy and looks cute in Maisy's area. All I needed to do was seperate the top of the suitcase from the bottom and find a regular sized pillow and a cute cover (which you can sew up quickly using a pretty fabric).

Doesn't Maisy look cute in her suitcase bed?
Lisa x


  1. It looks as though your dog is thoroughly enjoying her new bed!

  2. So cute! love this idea, I'd make one for Mary (our cat) but I know she's sleep anywhere but the bed! Your dogs got a great smile x

  3. So sweet.
    My Jada has a suitcase bed, I showed it on the blog a few months ago.
    I love tucking her in each night.