Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Baroque style library chairs.

I'm loving working on the library at the moment (like fixing up this library bookcase ) and have been thinking about ways to mix crisp white furniture with some baroque style vintage furniture.I have plans for built ins, a window seat and a chaise.
I love baroque style furniture and am aiming to find some more as it's so beautiful, fancy and special. In the past I got a baroque style armchair from my mother in law and recently my parents found an old baroque style chair on the side of the road while out walking. It was in quite dismal condition with a floral print over it but good, fancy bones. My Grandpa lovingly repaired the chair. He has so much skill and the chair now looks new and just so pretty.

Choosing material is always a bit tricky as it needs to go with everything else in the room and there isn't always the best range at the local material shop.
However after much debate I chose a pretty green spotted print upholstery fabric and some matching trim for the chair. The material ended up costing $14.20 but I still have lots left over for future projects- maybe one more fancy chair or a matching bench?

We'll see what furniture turns up for me to up cycle in the future. For now I am very happy with having a second baroque style chair and look forward to finding other items over time to finish off this room- oh and finishing painting the walls which have only had one coat of white on the main wall so far- the rest of the walls are still a delightful dark pink. I do really like how the chairs connect with the original fireplace and a curved coffee table I picked up for free the other day. It's great to be able to see change and the room evolving on a very tight budget.
Lisa x

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  1. Beautiful chairs! Looks great. Thanks for sharing on Whatever Wednesday at Thank You Honey! Have a fabulous weekend! Hope to see you next week!