Monday, 3 March 2014

Memory box.

I thrifted a little box the other day and decided it would be perfect to create a memory box for the year. I like the idea of having somewhere to place special tickets, photos and mementos from the year. This idea could also work for holidays or even remembering a particular special day.

It was already a nice gold colour so it didn't take much to transform the box and I didn't need to use any paint.  All I used was a white paint pen, a stencil, paint brush and mod podge for paper. I traced the numbers onto the side using the white paint pen and it ended up looking quite neat. Then I mod podge the word love onto the top (this picture was part of the invite for this amazing wedding). It was such nice lettering that it's nice to find a special place to use it. I put a layer of mod podge underneath and also a layer on top and the picture was held firmly in place. Then put in your treasured bits like photo booth snaps, precious ultrasound photos and concert tickets.
Now it's on my shelf ready to house all the momentums I collect this year. I'll see how many pieces I collect and then maybe I'd like to make some more for future years, though I'm not exactly sure how to where to get more wooden boxes from. It won't be long before I've got this whole house organised :-)
Lisa x
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    1. Thank you! I'd love to see your version of this. L x

  2. What a great idea, and like the organization of it all. Often I leave the mementos all over the place...this will help keep everything organized and I'll know exactly where they are. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best, and hope to see you again this Sunday!