Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pinspiration making- part 2.

For the next installment of 'Pinspiration making' it's time to share a craft which combines my love of old frames and cute animal images. I finally used up some of my craft supplies that had been sitting around for a while.
Project 2: A decorative shelf for books and bits and bobs.
I had thrifted a gold frame about five months earlier and knew it would be perfect for this next project and would predict the size that the box would be. The box is not quite mounted yet but is just so adorably cute. The feature find was some wallpaper that I was given years ago by a staff member who was throwing out their old wallpaper. I saved it in the hope I could one day use it in a nursery and while it was just a little piece of wallpaper, it proved to be enough for this project. The frame I thrifted I was in average condition but with a touch of gold paint is now perfect. I just love this cute box and when it's hanging on the wall will be a great place to house toys in easy reach and access for bubs.
This photos above really shows off just how adorable the wallpaper is. I don't know why but my heart just melts when I see animals dressed up. The frame also touched up beautifully, with gold paint- just like new.
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