Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lazy cozy days at home.

Since making over the master bedroom with a fresh coat of paint and few new accessories, I've been thinking about how to make it feel extra cozy in there. As a new mum, I have no trouble falling asleep easily but something is just nicer about soft, warm bedding. To make the bedroom extra cozy, it was obvious I needed a light, fluffy duvet, some soft sheets and a few firm pillows. Just looking at the duvet and sheets above just make me want to crawl into bed and snuggle up with a good book and a cup of coffee- especially as Henry's napping in his nursery at the moment. I'm just kind of obsessed with the light, fresh, cozy look of the bedding range from Parachute Home .
A soft bed is really enough to make our master bedroom somewhere I want to be but I've also been experimenting with softer lighting using candles. There is something so soothing and calming about flickering candle light. Friends of mine have recently gotten into hosting candle parties (like a tupperware party but about candles) and the host was going on about her nighttime routine of lighting a few candles as she prepared for bed and using the soft lighting to prepare herself for sleep. Of course she would blow out the candles before going to sleep but the idea of easing yourself to sleep with candles sounds blissful... especially right now as my current bedtime routine consists of tiptoeing into the bedroom when I'm exhausted and entering the bed as quietly as possible, occasionally cursing myself for dropping my phone on the floor or knocking a piece of furniture loudly.  Henry has a real knack for knowing when I'm coming to bed. His little body starts wriggling in the cradle when I enter and often 10 minutes later I hear a faint cry for milk, which if not responded to, proceeds to get louder and louder...
But back to the candle idea, it's definitely one I'll be trying in the future. If you are interested in making your own candles too, here's a link to how I went about making some and used thrifted teacups to contain the wax.
I hear a faint cry in the distance now so it's back to motherly duties for now...but cuddling the little man  is something I'll never complain about.
Lisa x

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