Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rake storage.

When cleaning out the shed I noticed that our home's old owners had left behind an old broken rake. Rather than adding it to the trash pile I decided to give it a new lease of life by turning it into a wine glass holder and adding a new feature to our dining room.
You will need:
An old rake
Some wine glasses
Some paint (I used yellow spray paint- $8 from the hardware store).
A drill
A nail and hammer
A saw and some sandpaper
Masking tape
How to:
Bend the metal parts of the rake so they are a little more upright and can hold wine glasses.
Wrap masking tape around the handle of the rake and give it a few coats of paint- I'd recommend giving it a coat of white first but when I was doing it I was out of white paint and the hardware store was closed.
Saw the rake handle to the right length and sand the top.
Drill a hole in the rake for the nail.
Nail the rake to the wall.
Add the wine glasses.

There you have it; reusing something old and creating more storage.
Lisa x
P.S I know the wine glasses aren't so amazing, I've been searching thrifting spots for more since most of our wine glasses have been subjected to my clumsiness and ended up in the bin.


  1. hi lisa, great blog idea, i love upcycling projects so ill be following with interest :) xx

  2. Very cool idea.

  3. Very industria! Love it!!! Clever you.