Sunday, 19 August 2012

Adventures in thrifting.

 Let's be honest...I'm a garage sale addict. I love the thrill of a bargain and having something exciting to do on a Saturday morning when everyone else is still in bed.

This week I'm sharing this cute drinks cart I found. I've always wanted a drinks cart and this little one takes up next to no space and still looks great. I'm not quite sure what to put on the bottom layer yet, perhaps I need to thrift some pretty glasses. What would you put on a drinks cart?

A just because it's awesome and was free chair. I mean, how could I go past something that looks this cool?? I think peacock chairs are a bit funky and I love how royal and special this chair looks. It's going to play a major part in my patio redo.

And this light shade because well I'm just a light lover and this one was too beautiful to go past (and only $4). However since we have fans in every room in our house- due to living in the outback- I think I may pass this beauty onto my parents for their guest room...or work out some way I can put it in our laundry. Either way, something this nice needed a new home :)

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Happy thrifting!
Lisa x


  1. Came over from Barbe's Frugal. Love that drinks cart - what about an ice bucket with a few bar glasses? When the peacock chair cannot live on your porch any more, they make excellent trellises in the yard. Turn the light fixture upside down and use as a bowl for flowers. Can you tell? I am really very excited about your treasures!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I was thinking along the lines of an ice bucket and glasses too, just need to thrift the right ones :) And thanks for your suggestion about a flower trellises, will definately try that when my peacock chair comes to the end of it's life!

  2. Love the drink cart - it's a perfect size and shape. Maybe you can find a neat martini pitcher for the bottom. I have one of my mom's from the 50's but no place to put it.

  3. What a fun way to end the week. Wished I lived nearby where I could join you.

  4. Hello fellow thrifter!

    Popped in from FMFPTY's THT.

  5. What great finds and now the fun begins turning all of those goodies into treasures!! I love to do that!! Happy VTT

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  7. Definitely an ice bucket and other bar accessories, stirrers and napkins and so forth. It's a great little cart.

  8. That little round table is adorable and just a perfect size! Thank you for sharing at TTF. have a fantastic Sunday!