Thursday, 27 September 2012

Office chair updating.

 I'm currently in the process of rearranging our dining/study room to have a little work space for me. 
My parents had this old typical office chair on their porch collecting dust and I thought it'd be a nice little DIY project for me to tackle on the weekend. It's truly amazing how easy it is to turn an office chair from boring to great. I forgot to take an initial before picture- I just wanted to get into it but it looked exactly like the below picture except with a few spider webs here and there:)
You will need:
1 cheapo old office chair
A screwdriver
A staple gun and staples
Nice fabric ( I tried to get some that matched my new-to-me yellow desk).

How to:
I began by removing all the screws and storing them safely.
I then pulled the black plastic from the back of the seats and was left with plywood covered with foam and material.

I removed the staples and material (which was slightly harder than I imagined and involved using scissors and having patience).
I then cut the fabric to size and stapled it to the plywood using a staple gun.
Once this was completed I reattached the black plastic backing.
Then I screwed it back together and it was complete.
This was a super easy DIY and I think the end product looks much better.

Say tuned for a post about my complete office area in a few days.
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Lisa x


  1. Wow, the chair looks fabulous!
    You have inspired me to have a similar go at an old dining chair with a really grubby and worn upholsterd seat. I need to go and buy a staple gun first though.

    1. Thanks! You should totally get a staple gun, they're not that pricy and reupolstering things is very addictive when it's such an easy way to update old furniture.
      L x

  2. What a great makeover! I so want to do this with my office chair now. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Thank you! I'd love to see how you reupholster your office chair
    L x

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