Monday, 8 October 2012

Kitchen jar display.

I have been collecting old jars for a while now and decided it was time to get creative and transform the jars into useable items. As you can tell from my last few posts, I've become a big fan of the bermuda blue, which also perfectly matches the kitchen bench.
You will need:
old jars
spray paint
white paint
a chopstick

How to:
First I spray painted the lids. I also choose to spray a few cans for extra storage.

When dry I used a chopstick dipped in white paint to create a polka dot pattern on the lids.
 Then they were ready for use to store all kinds of snack food.

I had finished and filled the jars with snacks. I had a go on a few of the jars creating chalk labels with chalkboard paint but I'm still deciding whether I leave the others as they are or go all out and make a lot of chalkboard labels. Any thoughts?
To make a label I simply created a rectangle shape using masking tape and paint inside- i found it's best to do two coats. When the paint dries remove the masking tape and you'll be left with a neat shaped label. You can them use chalk to write whatever you want on the labels and change when necessary.
I also spray painted up a few cans so even maisy's dog food area is looking blue.
I know you're thinking, a toothbrush? but poor maiso got an underbite and it needs a bit of extra care of her teeth.
It's getting a bit paint crazy over here!