Thursday, 18 October 2012

Let's cover it up.

While thrifting I found this adorable clear apron. Now half aprons are so beautiful but not very useful for me as I tend to spill food all over my front when cooking...I need the biggest apron I can get as flour loves to cover me! I just couldn't leave it at the shop so I got a thinking and turned it into a cute little curtain for my cupboard.  This was super easy: I simply cut off the ends that you tie up and got out two nails and a hammer. I lined it up to fit and nailed it in place.

Before: Just looking a bit full and cluttered.
After: Nice and neat. Just the way I like it!
Now I can put all my beautiful books on the bottom shelf and anything else can be hidden! Such an easy solution for my updated wardrobe. All I need to do is to find some handles to finish off the wardrobe. Does anyone know any good sites for cute cupboard handles online- that you can get in Australia? I've not had much luck finding any.
Happy thrifting
Lisa x
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