Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Decluttering the 'good shed'

The lovely samara from a secret life of samara posted about how to be hospitable to others and the need for people to seek to be hospitable. I am usually keen to welcome in friends, family and even friends of friends into our home but only in small amounts. When a group of 10 or more comes over, I start to feel a bit frizzled and overwhelmed...especially when there are kids too. Recently our home church came round and there were 8 adults and 5 kids.  Our little home (which feels plenty big enough for the two of us) suddenly seemed too small and fragile. So this got me thinking...
We live on like a quarter acre block and have two large sheds that are never used (except for crafting projects), as well as a big patio area.
I want our home to be one which is hospitable and welcomes in everyone. I don't want to feel like it's all too much when we have groups greater than 10 over and I just want a relaxed space where I'm not too precious about anything. I decided to give our shed a bit of love, in preparation for next time we have a big group over.
This is what our 'good shed' looked like on the 12th August 2012
As you can see, lots of loose bits and pieces have made their way into the shed. Occasionally when I rearrange the house, I have a leftover piece of furniture and there are still a lot of things leftover from a garage sale that I had with friends in May.  The floor is this shed is fantastic, thus it is known as the 'good' shed and we have a spare airconditioner to install inside, since we took it out of the house and replaced it with a leadlight window.
So I started selling off things and giving those remaining items to op shops.
Fast forward a few months and it's still fill of junk! Emptying the shed was turning out to be a long term project!
I decided enough is enough and set my self to work doing some hardcore throwing out and recognising that if things are not beautiful and are never going to used...they need to go!
Now October 23rd and finally there I am seeing the shed empty.

I've got the bed lined up to go and I'm feeling a bit chuffed that my space is finally getting clean.
Now for the fun bit, what to do with this shed??
Some inspiration:

 A very chic porch.
I just think this room is incredible. I love lanterns and cute bright furniture.
 Some lamps and poufs.
Can you have too many lamps and poufs? I'm not sure but I'd love the test out this idea when transforming the shed.
It's exciting having a space which so desperately calls out for a makeover but also so daunting. I really want this room to be a special place to entertain and welcome others into- a place where nothing is too precious but also a place that is bright and cheerful and fun.
I'll keep you updated on my progress. Any suggestions are welcome!
Lisa x



  1. I love those ideas! Can't wait to see the result at Christmas :)

  2. I cant wait to show you! Im so hanging out for your visit at christmas :)