Thursday, 15 November 2012

A whole lotta frames.

You have been warned. This post has a lot of pictures of frames! I seem to keep finding pretty ones and since our home has an incredible amount of wall space - thanks to very high ceilings- I feel compelled to fill it up a little more.
You've already seen my frame earring display but today I thought I'd share a couple other ways I have used thrifted frames in my home.
I found these little frames on a garage sale and I thought they'd be great to attach magnets to and use on the fridge. After all who doesn't like to pretty up their fridge a bit. They look nice too with our scrabble magnets.
The first frame was filled with a gorgeous card I found at a garage sale. I then printed a lovely quote for the second frame but decided it looked nice on top of my wardrobe so I didn't end up adding magnets.

Another way to update a tired old frame is to turn it into a pinboard.

I found this old frame on a garage sale and  was already pleased with the colour but needed to find the perfect use. Since I'm setting up my office area I decided I could do. This was super easy and took next to no time to complete.

I had an old pinboard from an old craft project which I didnt really like and decided to cut up and make into a few other pinboards that I would actually like and use.
I simply cut the old corkboard to size using regular old scissors and inserted it. For finishing touches I added
my scrabble thumb tacks.
Woohoo you've made it to the end of this frametastic post.
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Happy thrifting 
Lisa x


  1. Thanks for the inspiration and getting motivated to do something with all the frames I keep collecting.

    1. Happy to inspire. I'll keep checking your blog and see what you do with your frames:)
      L x

  2. I love love love frames/photos/quotes and I really want to turn awesome old picture frames into blackboards! The pin up board one looks great! Thanks for the ideas x

    1. Hehe I've had to expand from blackboards as I just have too many now but chalkboard paint is absolutely amazing. I actually had another frame exactly like the pin up board and I turned that into a chalkboard but I felt like I've already posted up too much of my chalkboard paint love :)
      L x