Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Not your ordinary bunting.

I love finding random bags of bits and pieces at garage sales and was delighted when I bought a $2 bag of craft goodies and found some perfectly cute felt creations that I could turn into charming bunting.
Firstly there was a collection of hand sewn felt mini ovenmits. They were all hand made and embroided and I knew they'd make some cute bunting.
I simply attached them to a piece of string using a glue gun and hung them up in the kitchen for a touch of extra cutest ( sorry for the awful quality of the below photo, this amateur photographer had trouble with the light!)
I also found these little handmade doll dresses which I attached to string  using a glue gun and turned into patterned bunting. After all when you have lots of something little, bunting seems like a good option! I didn't want to just throw them out or donate them as they'd clearly been made with love and could be transformed into something I could use. I always appreciate hand made crafts and they were so darling, I just wanted go get them out and show them off in my home.
Have you ever made any surprise discoveries when you have thrifted a bag of things? How did you use them?

Happy thrifting!
Lisa x


  1. So adorable! (Again, I can't wait to see it all in person :) )

    1. hehe I'm counting down the days too! I can't wait to see you in person!

  2. Very very very cute! Samara's making bunting for our wedding! maybe I should start thrifting material/ haha x

    1. haha thrifting material is always fun. Shout out if there is anything particular you want to source for your wedding as I'm happy to search for it at garage sales and find it for you at bargain prices.
      L x