Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Days inbetween4-8/13: Presents made with love.

So I admit, I just got too excited about my new kitchen table and a special wall project that I will reveal soon. But isn't that what christmas is all about, hospitality, and I was just finishing off a few rooms before the guests arrive :)
There's just something extra special about receiving a gift that was made with love. Whether it be as simple as a homemade jar of jam or a bit more time consuming, like making them a stocking; there's nothing like a  good old handmade gift.
I've finished work for the year now and thought I'd help mum out and make some gift baskets. Mum and I made a whole bunch for family friends in Adelaide but seem to have missed taking photos of the final products... I really need to stop getting too into my projects and take the time to photograph.
Below shows what we included though:
 We reused gift baskets that I had lying around and put paper doilies in the bottom. Then we included some more homemade apricot jam but jazzed it up a bit by tying ribbon around the jars and gluing mini christmas mittens to the top( some leftover mittens from my bunting projects). I then put some homemade potpourri in little bags and attached a christmas decoration. Finally I filled some knitted christmas puddings with chocolates. Depending on the size of the basket, each basket had some potpourri, jam or christmas puddings.
We made a whole bunch for Mum's friends and our extended family and finished them off by wrapping the baskets in clear cellophane and tying with a ribbon.
I hope they all like their 'made with love' christmas baskets.
What do you like to include in christmas baskets?
Lisa x


  1. I'm so excited about the special wall project!!

  2. What a great gift! I would be thrilled to get it!