Friday, 28 December 2012

Swinging around- recent thrifting finds.

I love the feel of sitting back in a swing and swaying slowly. Even my adult self finds it cathartic. I was lucky enough to find a swinging chair on a recent garage sale. This picture shows the chair beautifully but fails to show my the lovely garden I stare at while swinging. Picture lots of grass, a few veggies in pots and about ten geisha trees...
We have a back patio and I've attached it to a beam which can easily support my weight. The chair set me back $15 but it cost another $15 at the hardware store to get supplies so the chair could hang well to the beam. But for $30 I've got myself the perfect seat to relax in.

Another recent addition to the thrifting addicts home is this gorgeous old serving dish that I was gifted by a friend's mother. I've already shined it up quite a bit but plan on having another scrubbing session in the future. It got it's first use at christmas lunch and I can't wait to have many more dinner parties with it taking pride of place on the dining room table. Eating from beautiful serving dish makes me feel all fancy and sophisticated. Now all I need is a butler and cook :)

Happy thrifting
Lisa x
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  1. That chair is so cool!!! I've never found something quite so unique while thrifting :) Great find.

  2. thank you! I was pretty stoked to find it.

  3. That swing was a wonderful finds! And I love the silver serving piece.Thank you for sharing at TTF. And Happy New Year!