Monday, 31 December 2012

Ready for twenty thirteen.

I'm a reflective person, if I wasn't I don't think I'd quite enjoy blogging so much. Two thousand and twelve is almost over and it's definitely been a year of many personal highs and lows. Of course I started this blog which I would consider a big high as I've loved getting more linked in with the online community and having a space to share my voice and ideas. Thanks to all the wonderful people who read this.
I have felt challenged this year in so many ways and have loved expanding my skills. I've started sewing, had a go at furniture restoration and upholstery. I've done numerous craft projects and am probably most proud of my chevron wall.
However probably the most profound change has happened as a result of my 'thrifty challenge' and the quest to distant myself from repeatedly purchasing things brand new. Of course I've been buying objects from thrift shops and garage sales but I have felt so compelled to live a more minamilistic and simple lifestyle.
As a new year starts my goals are focused around enjoy and embracing the present, of living a life of less but recognising that it is indeed more. I will never deny how excited about a new find I am, how much I love beautiful objects surrounding me and how my creativity can express itself in fun and beautiful outfits. However I am so aware that I do not need clutter filling up my life. I do not need to hold onto my uni notes from 2006 or the threadbare jumper from year 10 with the tigers head on it.  I want my life to be one that is filled with the beautiful and while things remind me of memories, my memories are still there when the things aren't. In no way am I saying I'm planning to ditch all my things and won't ever shop again- rather I just want to be more purposeful about what I let into my home.

When I found out we were stuck in our town for christmas, I burst into tears at the thought of another christmas without family and friends but husband's brother and the delightful Libby visiting turned into one of the best christmas' I've ever had. I am so thankful for this reminder that things can turn out even better than if they'd gone as we first planned.

Anyway onto the resolutions for 2013:
1. To eat more natural food- be gone with things that come pre packaged and make things from scratch.
2. To only buy things if I truly love them.
3. To constantly clear out clutter. No more letting junk accumulate and don't let the 'oh I might need it one day' get in my way.
4. To not take things just because they're free.
5. To stop complaining and gossiping.
6. To spend more time reading the bible and reflecting.
Happy new year!!!
Thanks for following my adventures in 2012 and I look forward to a new year of sharing many more with you.
Lisa x

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