Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cleaning out the crafts.

One of my twenty thirteen goals is to clear out my house of junk and I decided to tackle the study/dining room in a large clean up ...and I actually managed to clear 5 shopping bags worth of do I have so much!
So here’s my how I face decluttering a room:
Number 1- and so important - be in the right mood!!  Do not think sentimentally about your possessions. Recognise that things have got to go and be prepared to only keep those things you love and use.

Number 2- Empty out all the cupboards and put it all into a sorting area so there is nothing left on any of the shelves and in any of the drawers. All I had left was the furniture and a few cushions and pictures that I knew weren’t going anywhere.
Then I had to face the large pile of possessions I have and a feeling that I didn’t want to have to put it all back swept over me...especially since we are planning a move in the not too distance future and it pains me to think of boxing it all up.

The table was swallowed...
Number 3- Sort through and be ruthless!! You will need three piles:
Toss, Donate/Sell and Keep. I ended up with 5 shopping bags of Donate/sell* and 1 large garbage bag of things to toss.
Number 4- Put the remaining pieces back and relax in your new emptier room.
 * With the items that could be donated or sold I started by taking simple photos of the larger items and putting them up on the sell on my towns buy,swap and sell facebook page. I sold off 5 items and then have bagged the rest to try and sell at the local town market. I will then donate whatever hasn't sold to the local op shop or any places around town I think might use them (for example some of my excess art supplies can be donated to the local gallery which runs classes for kids or I can use in my classroom).

 Check out all the extra space on the shelves. Less dusting and clutter :)
Have you tackled any big decluttering projects? Do you have any other tips?
Lisa x

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