Saturday, 30 March 2013

A special purchase.

We found it! For over three years we've been living in the country and we've finally found our dream home in the city. It has been both a challenging and rewarding experience living in a country town,  but I've always wanted to go back to the city.  We started house searching a few months back and have found a home we love. We're currently waiting for settlement and then sadly will be renting it in the near future for a little while. 
While I'm ecstatic to have been able to find a fantastic house in a good location and actually be able to afford it, it's also bitter sweet. It will be a while before we actually get to live in our home but I can start dreaming about the future and when finding garage sale goodies I can picture whether or not they'll work in my eventual new home.

Speaking of dreaming... I spotted these gorgeous chairs when I was last in Adelaide and am dreaming up ways to update my dream chair. I love the bright coloured ones but also think the black and white striped is pretty awesome. I think I'll need to do some more dreaming before I spend the money to reupholster the chair though.
I am really looking forward to our future home (now we have found it!) but also want to be living in the moment and cherishing the rest of my time in the country.

I am thankful for a one minute drive to work, no traffic, supermarkets open late on weekends, a large yard, living walking distance to a beach, a close community, bargain hunting, slower paced life, new friendships and beautiful outback sunsets. I shall aim to enjoy the benefits of country life while I can (but still get a little excited about our new home too!!).
Lisa x


  1. Wow! That's a big deal. Congrates on the purchase! x

  2. Thanks lauren :) We're pretty excited!

  3. Haha Lisa we are going in opposite directions! We just moved back to the country after I had lived in Adelaide for 7 years! I'm enjoying all of those things; the 2 minute walk to Netty training, how quiet it is, the beautiful sunsets, the undisturbed beaches, family!!! How exciting about your house! Its so much fun decorating and knowing that its yours! Where did you end up buying? Xxx

    1. Haha I know but we're both kind of just returning to our roots. I am a city girl at heart and just want to be near family. I can't wait till we can start decorating our new pad but that's probably at least a year away so I'll just keep dreaming for now. We got a place East of Adelaide, can't wait to be less than 10 mins drive from mums.
      Big congrats to you on becomming an Aunty( I love being an aunty and know it must be even more spesh when you get to see your little sister as a mum).