Sunday, 17 March 2013

Clothes and cupcake catch up.

Often when I go to Adelaide I rush madly around trying to catch up with as many people as possible. I decided to simplify things a bit and invite a whole group of people round to mum's for a night of catching up. To make it a bit more of an entertaining night I made it a clothes swapping party. This was perfect since I've been madly decluttering all year and had a laundry hamper full of clothes seeking new homes.The main intention was for my beloved clothes that I just don't wear to find good new homes and to have a chance to see lots of people at once. Any great swapped clothes I got was just an added bonus. And since every party is better with food I also made it a cupcake decorating party. I asked guests to bring some of their favourite decorations to jazz up some cupcakes I made earlier in the day. I made 4 batches- vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and gluten free vanilla. Even though I'm not gluten free, they were actually my favourites.

I'm good at taking some snaps at the start but completely forgot to document the actually party process... it always means you're having a good time if you're too busy to stop and photograph the party. I used mum's collection of teacups for drinks and the cute patty pans were only $2 for 25 from cheap as chips. The beautiful flowers are courtesy of the lovely Libby. Then I bought some frosting in a can for fun and made chocolate and vanilla frosting. I love decorating cupcakes especially when you have pretty little fun things like these cute gingerbread men picked up from wheel and barrow and icing flowers.

For the clothes swapping part there was really nothing fancy about it. We poured out our bags in a big pile and proceeded to pick through all the items. It was hilarious remembering old clothes like a friend's velvet boob tube and seeing how our tastes have changed. Despite the funny memories I snagged a whole bunch of plain tshirts and cardigans which are brilliant considering my thrifty challenge and the fact that decent basics are scarce in op shops.

It was lovely to host friends and as I had this first big catch up in three years with Adelaide friends, I couldn't help but getting excited about the prospect of many more parties in our own home when we move back.

Have a lovely weekend
Lisa x


  1. That is such a wonderful idea@ I have the same problem when going north.. trying to cram as many people into a day as possible and being all stressed about it.. I will have to remember this bc it is wonderful :)

  2. I love love love the idea and am definitely going to give a clothes swap party a go!!! Yay!!! Xxxx

    1. Get on it :) freebie clothes are always the best x