Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Throwing a 60th birthday party for Mum.

It was Mum's 60th birthday earlier this year and we decided to throw her a party at our house. It feels a bit like we are constantly hosting things as we also celebrated Christmas, Grandma's 80th and Henry's dedication at our home. However each new party it feels a little bit easier and a little bit more like we know what to expect. I also am getting a bit of an inventory of party supplies which decreases the amount needed to buy each time. After all what is the point of having a nice home if you cannot share it with others. When we purchased our current home we deliberately looked for open plan living and space to host others.

To decorate for Mum's 60th and make it a little more special we bought pretty flowers and also used balloons- which is where my stash of clear vases comes in handy. As flowers can be costly, I used balloons on sticks in vases to decorate some of the surfaces.

 Every time we have a special celebration at ours I like to also add a few personalise items that are made specifically for the party like Henry's dedication cross and an 80 shaped photo wall for Grandma's 80th.
For Mum I made a photo board which is nothing new but I also made her a special message board (which I've shared about over at Titi Crafty).
Another idea was using helium balloons as decoration.On each of the helium balloons I attached a photograph of Mum at a various stage in her life using pretty washi tape.Then guests could walk through the balloons and look at the different images. As the night progressed though the balloons did start to drop a bit so a good idea would be to pick up the helium balloons as late as possible in the day so they last well into the night. This was such a simple idea which really made the room feel more like a party room- though I should mention that our house has a large open kitchen/dining/living area and also an outdoor atrium so this front room was mainly used for guests to look at photographs and for extra seating while we all ate dinner.

To see Mum so happy and feeling loved as she celebrated with those most dear to her was totally worth the effort! 
Lisa x

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