Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter basket ideas for a baby

It's the first time we will celebrate Easter as a family of three. I love getting crafty and creative for each different holiday, made especially fun now that I have a little one to share it with! I wanted to put together a little Easter basket for Henry (even though he's only 9 months old). In creating a basket, it needed to include items that remind of the true reason why we celebrate Easter; Jesus' death and resurrection, as well as being age appropriate for a baby (i.e no chocolate). Although I did include a couple cute rabbits, I really want Easter for Henry to not be about a bunny that gives chocolate, but a loving Saviour who died to set us free.

The basket was thrifted from an op shop years ago and is finally getting some use. I'd always thought I wanted to do Easter baskets with my future kids. When my brother and I were younger we'd just rummage through the kitchen to find old icecream containers for our eggs. As we grew older these icecream containers got decorated and I hope that in the future Henry and I can make Easter baskets together. 

After some thought I decided to include :

- plastic eggs
I filled one with mini chicken and sealed it with tape. The others contain an animal cracker each and will be fun for Henry to practice opening and closing. These plastic eggs can be found at your local discount store.

- a board book about the Easter story
From the Christian book store.

- a little rabbit I made out of fabric scraps

- a handmade rabbit rattle picked up from a local craft market
This one is much cuter than the bunny I made. I always like to support local crafty folk.

- a drawstring bag (with a cross on the front) that contains felt pictures telling the Easter story.  
These felt pictures were found at the Christian book store. I sewed up a drawstring bag from fabric I already owned and appliqued a cross to the front to make the bag a bit more special. Now that the felt pieces have a place to be stored, hopefully they are less likely to get lost. As Henry gets older we can use these felt pieces to retell the story time and time again.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter celebrating that He is Risen. If you have any future ideas for things to include to Easter baskets, I'd love to hear them.
Lisa x

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  1. What a wonderfully sweet and thoughtful basket. Happy Easter. X