Friday, 7 June 2013

To repair or ditch.

I love boots. For the entire winter I live in nothing else for they are a tall woman's best friend. Pants too short- hello boots! They always cost a sweet fortune to buy and because of my constant use of them (and it's not like I have a job where I get to sit at all during the day), they get a trashed. Many a time have I gone through the soles and realised oh no, I can't wear these anymore. When I find a pair of long flat boots my heart sings. Last winter I owned a knee length tan pair and some black boots and both were getting worn out (see above, those boots are so long and warm and perfect). I couldn't wear them too much longer but I decided to save some money and get them resoled. So far so good! For $50 each (these boots weren't in the best condition ever) I've got two new boots that will hopefully last me through the winter. I know this seems a bit but they cost over $400 for both when they were bought new so $100 to bring them back to life seems good to me.* The black pair is leather but the tan pair is synthetic. The shoe repair guy was skeptical that the tan pair were worth saving but they're just too perfect to toss... I've worn them everyday this week to prove I can get good wear out them :)
I also found this horse bag at a garage sale for 10c, yes 10c! I loved it and used it for about two months until the strap broke. Now although it cost me nothing really, it's a gorgeous hand carved leather bag and I decided to salvage it and spend $10 to get it all fixed and hopefully it will last me for a long time.I'm getting a wee bit obsessed with hand carved leather bags. I just love the workmanship and the individuality of them. I've started to get a bit of a collection together, though with my decluttering in full swing I sold off one I never used for a $25 profit. That's the cost of repairing one boot :)

Do you resole shoes or just ditch them when the time comes? Do you have a thing for leather bags too?
Lisa x


  1. Interesting post.....I recently found a pair of vintage boots at an op shop for $6. They are so comfy & the sole is actually unworn, but after one wear the soles started coming off because the glue had gone off. I had to debate whether spending $30 on getting them re-glued was worth it, but so far I'm happy with the decision to give the boots some extra life. After all they have only cost me $38. I have a thing for tooled bags too. I have 5 but I always keep my eyes peeled for more! Xx

    1. I've never managed to find boots my size, that I like, at an op shop but I would totally get them resoled if I found a cheap, great pair. Then you end up with boots you love for not much at all.
      Glad to find a fellow tooled bag lover :)- I'll never stop looking for them either!
      L x