Sunday, 3 March 2013

Garage sale goodies for the guest room.

The guest room is my favourite room in the whole house which is ironic as it is the room I spend the least amount of time in. It is my little room of thrifted finds where every single item in the room (excluding things inside the wardrobes) was not purchased  by me from a store. Some of it was gifts but the majority of it was garage sale finds. 
It is almost complete! This weekends garage sales helped me feel one step closer.
Let's start from the beginning shall we... 
The guest room used to look like this but one day I woke up and decided purple really wasn't my colour and the whole room needed a new colour scheme. The purple wall changed into a grey and white chevron wall and suddenly I felt inspired to really make the room something else. Everything is pretty much how I want it except for some very large spaces on two of the walls that really need some special artwork to complete the space.
I've been searching for a towel rack for ages as we have quite a small bathroom and it would be nice for guests to have somewhere to hang their towel. Today I found a little beauty for the lovely price of $2. Perfect! It's sturdy, in good condition and fits nicely into the room.
Once my thrifty challenge is complete I might consider buying some prettier towels to make the room even more inviting for guests.
I've also been on the lookout for some more cute quirky items for the room to give it even more character and found a few little fun pieces I couldn't walk past. I think these horse bookends are fabulous. I love the detailed carving and just how much more exciting bookends are when they're animal shapes. I've been eyeing off dog bookends at a shop in Adelaide for the past few months but for $1 compared to the $70 price tag on the doggy beauties, I'm pretty pleased with my horses!

I also can't walk past a cute bowl and this shell shaped beauty is great for storing soaps, mini shampoos and other useful items for guests to use.
I am aware that I am particularly blessed with finding lots of great items for cheap and often people ask how I find so much. I've done a post before on how to shop at garage sales which is where I find most things. However I think a lot of my success comes down to the fact I live in a little country town where people still have lots of stuff but not that many people go to garage sales. Of the people that go to garage sales, most have different taste to me. I follow some vintage shops facebook pages in Adelaide and they always post great vintage items for decent prices but I have seen almost all the items at one stage or another for about 1/8th of the price. I'll keep enjoying my little country 'shopping' while I can :)
 Have you found any exciting items lately while thrifting ?
Lisa x


  1. Ooh, Lisa, I love all your finds - and what amazing deals! The bookends and the shell bowl are my fave pieces. I don't buy home decor items from the thrift shop anymore (used to have lots, then moved overseas and married and got rid of most of it), but I still buy clothing, my latest score being a vintage 1990s Thierry Mugler jacket for 4 Euros!
    Would live to see the guest room in full once you find the art for it.

  2. Maybe you could paint some of your thrifty finds when you get the time to give them new life too, and make them more your own. They are all fantastic though! Sometimes I look in the shops at things I love and its usually because of shape or colour and not because they are actually worth a lot. Your challenge is very inspiring :)

    1. Thank you! My shed is infact full of thrifty finds ready to be's just finding that time to fix it all up :)
      L x

  3. The guest room is totally my favourite room too :).