Thursday, 11 April 2013

Put it in a jar.

I love our guest room, as I've said many times before and when I found a glass jar at a garage sale I thought of a sweet little extra touch I could add to the guest room using my large collection of hotel soaps that I've collected from various holidays.I peeled off all the labels and voila, a gorgeous jar full of soaps for the guests.
And let's be honest, what doesn't look better displayed in a pretty jar. I also found another even larger glass jar at the same garage sale and it became by cupcake case display...a pretty, bright addition to the kitchen for next to nothing ( and you can also check out my DIY pretty jars which were painted using white paint, cotton buds and spray paint). I love a little colour in the kitchen.
I've really had a thing for glass jars for a long time- even Maisy's food can't escape the glass jar storage treatment:)...someone is definitely due for a haircut...
What do you like to put in glass jars?
Lisa x

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  1. Ooh, I have some similar jars that I picked up in hard rubbish. I haven't found a permanent place to put them yet but use them to put flowers in (normally the taller ones) as temporary vases :)