Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Where to start when decluttering.

I've been getting rid of one item each day (210 days of decluttering) and I thought today I'd share a few tips that have helped me to lose a lot of clutter without having to part with anything special.

 1- DVD clutter
Like most people I have lots of dvds and cds and they were filling the entire cabinet underneath the tv. I only buy dvds when I really like the movie/show so I didn't really want to part with any of them. A quick and easy way to get rid of lots of clutter is just by getting rid of the cases and just keeping the dvds and covers.
I donated the old cases to the school tech lab and have kept the paper covers in the back of the dvd holder. Now all my dvds are easier to access, in one portable location for when I want to have movie nights at friend's places and take up no room at all. Was anyone else as obsessed with Gilmore Girls as I was?
* For wii and playstation games I still keep them in their original packaging as I figure husband might want to sell or trade them in the future and they need their proper covers for that.

2- Ditch the jewellery you never wear.
I love jewellery and have collected many interesting pieces over the years. However I tend to hardly wear any jewellery and often forget what gems I own. I thrifted a small necklace tree a few weeks back and went through all my necklaces. If I didn't like them enough to display on the tree, then I wasn't going to wear them and they needed to go. I love now having all my jewellery accessible and right in front of me when I get ready in the morning. I also use a bunny ring holder that husband gave me for my birthday and it's just perfect for rings. I ended up getting rid of a heap of rings and necklaces which I donated to the local op shop but if you have some nicer jewellery you never wear, it might be an idea to sell it at a local market or online. I've been able to sell off a few of my more expensive pieces that way.

After all....
Lisa x

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