Monday, 10 June 2013

Recent finds- all things animal.

I still love hitting the garage sales despite all my efforts to declutter. I have really learnt to be extremely selective with what I purchase and only buy items that are really unique and special.
A nearby town has a annual monster garage sale weekend where people all around the town have garage sales on the same day. I'm talking 33 garage sales which took me about 3 hours to complete and a whole lot of map reading.

I always enjoy the annual event and this year I couldn't help but pick up a few interesting animal items. I like things which aren't mainstream and ordinary. I was stocked to find an unusual fish vase, a deer (I just love anything deer really) and some cute owl bookends. 
The bookends were only $1 but the owls had some nasty red beady eyes which creep me out. I initially tried painting over them but the red still shone through so I got out my handy glue gun and gave the owl some new button eyes. I think the black buttons look very cute and totally suit the owl. You can't tell the horror that lies underneath any more :)

I'm loving the little object zoo I've got going on in my home.
Lisa x


  1. Love those owl book stands!


  2. Love all your finds Lisa! You've got a great eye for finding really unique stuff x

  3. Yes I like finding unique animal themed treasures while op-shopping.
    The fish vase is lovely.