Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mismatched entertaining.

I recently got Kirstie's handmade home after becomming slightly obsessed with her new show - Kirstie's vintage home. I was reading about entertaining and creating the perfect entertaining area and she writes about filling your kitchen with items you love and using things you love and think are beautiful, rather than have matching sets of average things. I've been getting rid of lots of things lately in my 210 days of decluttering and am now only buying things I really think are beautiful and enjoy using.
I've been keeping my eye out for pretty floral bowls, floral serving wear and things that are just a bit fun, like the cow milk jug. While you can buy it for not much from here, I thrifted all the entertaining beauties for $1 from a local market.
I don't know why but I just love, and feel so much more special, eating from pretty plates. I am thinking of collecting lots of pretty shaped cutlery (like the knife above) and dipping it in enamel paint. The end results look pretty spectacular doesn't it! I just want to collect a whole bunch more before I attempt this.

What do you think? Should dining wear be matching and perfect or are you like me who just like a mismash of beautiful items?
Lisa x


  1. I'm all for mismatched plates, cups and cutlery. With most op-shopped there's not much chance of full matched sets anyway. The painted cutlery handles look great. x

  2. I totally love mismatched place settings. Its so fun to browse through thrift stores and garage sales for a unique find. Plus, when something breaks it doesn't ruin the whole set. Its almost fun because then I get to go searching again!

    1. So true! I've broken many a glass but now I want everyone to have different glasses anyway. And yes, any excuse to go searching is good too. :)xx