Sunday, 28 July 2013

The perks of being a country girl.

Since we've got a place in the city and are planning a move back in the next year or so, I've been really conscious to enjoy the special things about country life and for today's  post I thought I'd share a few things I love about the country. After all this is my last year in the country and I'm going to enjoy it.
I am so lucky to live within easy driving distance of some many brilliant camping site and to have made friends that enjoy the outdoors and have lots of good camping gear. I've also managed to thrift a little camp table.

Although I only grow a few vegetables myself, I am so blessed by friends with lots of fresh produce they lovingly share with me. There's something exciting for me about collecting fresh eggs from chickens. When I get them home I just want to bake straight away and enjoy the freshness.

As I look through op shops in the city, I have noticed that the prices have significantly increased and things are still cheap but not the bargains they once were. However in the country they seem to still keep the good old bargain prices. Obviously if you follow this blog, you would know I love thrifting, but I continue to be amazed at just how cheap things are and how often I find amazing treasures.  Earlier today I went to the local markets and to a stand which is run by one of the nursing homes in town and got some fantastic things for less than $20.

Check out these spice jars, a biscuit, cake, scones holder that is perfect for small craft items and a very beautiful teacup. I love country thrifting!
Lisa x

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  1. I love country thrifting too.
    Living in the country certainly has its perks. x