Sunday, 21 July 2013

Scrabble coasters.

I am a big fan of using scrabble pieces in creative ways. I've already made scrabble labels, scrabble magnets 
Every time I look at the board game section of a garage sale, I always look for scrabble but have only found 2 boards and pieces so far but I'll always keep looking and hoping.
One idea that I just adore is using scrabble pieces to make coasters and this idea is all over pinterest. I decided to try it for myself and used the 16 four letter words (grouped into similar categories).

You will need:
4 coasters (I got mine from cheap as chips for $1 each)
a table saw
polyurethane vanish
glue gun
scrabble pieces

How to:
Get the four wooden coasters and cut them to size using a table saw. 
Then paint them with polyurethane varnish so they are water tight. 
I initially used craft glue to stick down the pieces but they fell off fairly easily so I ended up using a glue gun to attach each individual piece.
I just love having scrabble pieces around the place and they add a little extra cute touch to our coffee table.


  1. Love these Lisa! Such a cool idea, I love scrabble letters too, always on the look out for boards at the charity shops xx

  2. I love these! what a great idea

  3. i do love it, it looks pretty awesome..i want to make some of this, i do love scrabble too.

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