Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 plans.

I have loved writing this blog and sharing with you my projects and can't wait to continue this new year. I have really appreciated all the comments I've received, people I've met and becomming friends with lots of fellow DIY addicts.
I am very excited about 2014 and have many plans. I am particularly enthusiastic about living back in the city ,in a house that will hopefully be a long term home, and a home that I can't wait to make the house feel like us.I'm the type of person that loves writing lists and creating new goals so I can't help myself setting a few for this blog for the new year.

I feel like this new year is full of possibilities as I am finally living in the city, near family and friends and with access to crafting supplies. A personal goal for this year is to sew a quilt. I just love homemade quilts and while I made one back in high school, I'm very rusty and looking forward to creating a special item for our home and sharing the process with you.

I am also committed to decreasing our possessions and one of these ways will be to finish the huge number of projects I have currently started. As I'm on holidays I am really looking forward to completing some dreamed up ideas and also creating a functional and beautiful craft room, which will only be possible once my craft room is a bit emptier.

Another goal is to be more hospitable and host some parties and catch up dinners this year. I'm really looking forward to serving family and friends with nice meals and creating some special memories in our new home. It would be great to have some fundraising parties for special charities and use some of my DIY skills to help those around me struggling, in need of support or just wanting a pick me up.
Have a wonderful new years day!
Lisa x

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